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HandsOn San Diego is raising funds to support their programs to connect volunteers with nonprofits.


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HandsOn San Diego is celebrating 10 years and over 100,000 hours of community service!  That is AMAZING!!

September 7 is the third annual San Diego Gives Day.  Please consider supporting me and making a donation for HandsOn San Diego!  Many of you know how important this organization is to me.  I have been a volunteer with HandsOn San Diego since its inception in 2013.  I have had so many unique experiences and have made so many wonderful friends by volunteering in my community. 

HandsOn San Diego is our local volunteer center serving San Diego County.  Their goal is to connect San Diegans looking for volunteer opportunities to the organizations that need their support by gathering opportunities throughout the county into one central place. 

In 2022, HandsOn San Diego deployed 8,621 volunteers, who served 100 local nonprofits and accomplished over 4500 volunteer projects! Since our founding in 2013, over 40,500 San Diegans have found their way to give back, completing over 12,600 volunteer projects and serving more than an amazing 100,000 hours!

HandsOn San Diego's mission is to strengthen communities through volunteer action. They believe that when individuals are actively engaged, communities are stronger.  They support over 100 nonprofits with volunteer support across the entire county.

HandsOn San Diego survives completely on donations like yours.  They don't receive any funding from the city or county of San Diego.  Please help me in supporting them and by doing so, amplify the good works of their over 100 nonprofit partners.

The mission of this nonprofit means so much to me - I have met many dedicated individuals through HandsOn San Diego who work very hard to help those in need within our community.   I hope you'll consider contributing to my fundraiser to support the work HandsOn San Diego is accomplishing in our community. 

Thank you for your support!!

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HandsOn San Diego

Organized By Chris Squillaci

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