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When you support those working in victim serving fields, you are supporting community heroes.


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Hi Everyone!

Our match from Tri-City Medical Center is one match of $1000, so it doesn't depend on donating it to our organization page or our fundraiser page, we will get the first $1000 raised in total matched. We added the match to our organization page because it wasn't showing up in the search. We thank you so much for your support! Help us get this match!

Victim serving work takes an emotional toll, because exposure to violent materials and events, or victim stories is a requirement of most first responder and health and human service professions. Vicarious trauma can be catastrophic, resulting in depression, burn-out, and sometimes suicide. Psycho-educational programs are crucial in helping exposed individuals learn how to recognize vicarious trauma and cope with problems before they become severe or permanent.

The Innocent Justice Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization working to help by offering mental health and wellness training and resources to support professionals exposed to traumatic material and events in the work environment.

The organization's newest program, Helping Advocates Rebound from Trauma (HART) was developed in 2019 and launched as a virtual training course during the COVID crisis in 2020, with grant support from the Motorola Solutions Foundation. This program provides training in mitigating secondary trauma experienced by those working in professions which regularly expose them to the trauma of others. HART has trained trafficking survivor advocates, law enforcement, EMT’s, child and victim advocates, and crisis hotline workers both locally and nationally. The program is now offered in-person and virtually. 

“Our communities are stronger and safer when those who have the arduous jobs of saving and caring for us are supported with tools and techniques to mitigate vicarious trauma.” – Beth Media, CEO of The Innocent Justice Foundation

Our goal is to keep HART trainings accessible and free to support community heroes because when we support heroes, they can save more children and be more effective in supporting communities. We want the San Diego County community to know we are here and we invite you to join with us in supporting those doing the arduous jobs of protecting and serving here. Your donations help keep highly trained people in their careers by supporting their mental well being in professions where vicarious trauma is a real issue.

We thank you for your support!

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